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Tiny Tigers Program

These are classes just for three, four, and five year olds. They will learn basic Taekwondo including blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. We teach students stranger danger self-defense and 911 safety. This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group. Beginners are listed on our class schedule under Tigers W-Or.

Basic Program

ATA Shield

Our basic progam is for children six years old and up as well as teenagers and adults. This is an introduction to Taekwondo with students learning basic taekwondo, such as stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes. Students receive our complete self-defense and physical conditioning programs taught along with self-confidence, courtesy, self-discipline, respect, and any other valuable leadership life skills that we teach at our academy. These classes are listed on our class schedule as White Basic and Orange/Yellow Basic

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is our elite training program. Students continue to learn Taekwondo basics and begin training in sparring. It is designed for students not only to earn their black belt, but to become a leader in the community, at home, and at school or work. Additionally, students receive classes that focus on advanced board breaking, self-defense, weapons training, extreme martial arts, and tournament competition. In these classes we focus on skills that students need to become effective leaders.

"The business of leaders, of heroes, is tricky. Leadership is not something that is done to people, like fixing your teeth. Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better." - Bill Bradley, US Senator and former NBA great

These classes are listed on our class schedule as Leadership.

ATA X-Treme Martial Arts

XMA Program

The X-Treme Martial Arts program is part of the leadership program. It takes martial arts to the next level by incorporating gymastics, dance, and music into a free-style form. Students also create X-treme free-style weapons forms in this program. Our X-Treme Martial Arts program develops creativity and allows students to express themselves by personalizing their martial art.

Mike Chat, creator of XMA, describes his program as: ďThe ability to perform highly skilled moves and also the ability to perform basic moves and make them look spectacular! This is why XMA is not only for the elite level athletes and competitors, but also for beginners at the entry level as well. It is the look in oneís eyes and position of oneís body that tells the story. Itís not only about punching and kicking, or jumping and flipping, but more, showing strength through the mind as well as the body. To stand planted with your feet on the ground and command the attention of the audience without sound or movement, using only the look in your eyes and the strength of your stance, actually shows more power than any punch, kick or flip. Thatís Xtreme!"

Child Safety and Bullying Prevention

Kidz'N Power

We incorporate ATA's Kidz'N Power program into our Tiny Tiger, Basic, and Black Belt Club classes. This program is endorsed and backed by Amber Alert for child Abduction prevention and partnered with Olweus for Bullying Prevention. In the Tiny Tiger program we apply the 911 Safety, Stranger Danger, and Child Abduction Prevention aspects of the Kidz'N Power program. In our other programs, for kids ages 6 and up, we apply bullying prevention techniques developed by the Olweus Program that are adapted to martial arts training. This training is geared towards empowering children with the knowledge they need to prevent bullying and gives them strategies to use if they are bullied. We also offer Kidz'N Power training through free community seminars that we teach at our school and community venues such as elementary schools and day cares. You can contact us for more information or visit

Saber Force Academy

Saber Force Academy

Light saber training uses moves and techniques from a matrix of different martial arts, some of which are Kali, Escrima, Iado, Kung Fu, Wushu, Taekwondo, and Extreme Martial Arts. In addition to using the light saber in this one of a kind class, students will learn life skills such as confidence, self control, and respect all while getting a great workout. For more information visit our Saber Force Academy website.

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