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Voted #1 as Albemarle Family's Favorite Martial Arts School six years in a row!

Welcome to ATA Leadership Martial Arts. Our school is a member of the largest martial arts organization in the world, the American Taekwondo Association. The ATA was formed in 1969 by Eternal Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee. Today, the ATA is under the guidance of 9th degree black belt, Grand Master In Ho Lee.

Here at ATA Leadership Martial Arts we teach Songham Taekwondo, which was developed and introduced by Eternal Grandmaster Haeng Ung Lee in 1983. Songham Taekwondo was designed as a training tool to teach and develop important life skills, a few of which are Confidence, Respect, Discipline, Leadership, and Goal-Setting. While the student is training their mind, they are also training their body towards physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

If you are at least 3 years of age you are welcome to begin your journey in Songham Taekwondo. We offer classes for children, families, and adults. A family that kicks together, sticks together!

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4 Weeks for $49, which includes a new uniform for free!

Bullying Prevention Seminar Child Safety Seminar

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